How old do I need to be to obtain my learner's permit?

Manitoba requires that you are at least 16 yrs of age before you can write driving test. However, individuals that are enrolled in a High School Driver Ed program acn take the test at 15½ years of age.

Can I take private lessons if I'm 15½ years of age?

No. You must enroll in the High School Driver’s Ed. program to take lessons.

How many hours lesson do I have to take?

Every individual is different. On the average, eight hours is sufficient to learn the basics to appear for your driving test.

Can I take private leesons after my Driver's Ed.?

You’d find some brush up lessons helpful before going for the test. You can do this on the same day as the test or any time before that.

Where can I take my written test?

Students enrolled in the Driver’s Ed. program can write the test in the classroom. Otherwise, the test would be done at one of the five MPI Service Centers in Winnipeg.

When can I go for my driving test after passing my written test?

Individuals that have never held a licence before must wait 9 months before they can do their driving test.

I have a learner's permit from British Columbia. Do I have to take a written test again in Manitoba?

Manitoba does not recognize Learners’ licences from other provinces.

I have a valid license from my native country. Do I have to wait 9 months before I take my driving test?

No. If you hold a licence from any other jurisdiction, you may apply for a permanent licence.

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